Bella’s Birthday Box


Every child deserves to be celebrated on their birthday, regardless of their housing situation.

Our Cause

2,700 school-age kids are living in Westchester’s temporary housing facilities and, as a result, most don’t have birthday parties.

Bella’s Birthday Box was created to help these children feel like they matter. We organize collections of birthday party supplies and distribute them to children and their families living in temporary housing.


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Our Story

A girl named Bella had a birthday and thought "I get two parties: one with family and one with friends. Some kids don't even have one, and all kids should have at one party."

Bella decided to ask her friends to bring party supplies and small birthday gifts for other kids in homeless shelters, instead of bringing a gift for her. The idea was a big hit with her friends, their parents, and the people at the Westchester County's Department of Social Services!

We want to bring it this idea everyone so all the families within Westchester's Housing Services can make their kids feel special on their birthday!



2018-19 Drives

Colonial Elementary - Oct-Nov 2018

Pelham Half Marathon - Thanksgiving Weekend 2018

Hutchinson Elementary-  April 2019


What To Donate

New and unopened items from the list below:

  • Birthday cards (please don’t sign, no names)

  • Non-gender specific small gifts:

    • coloring book, crayons &/or colored pencils

    • bubbles

    • writing note pads

    • keychains

    • emoji related items

    • bouncy balls

  • Cake Mix  & Candles

  • Cupcake Wrappers

  • Cake topping: sprinkles, icing

  • HBD Plates & Napkins

  • Party Hats

  • Table cloths  (Non Plastic preferred)

  • Happy Birthday Banners  (Non Plastic preferred)

  • Non-perishable candy (i.e. lollipops)


Where to Donate

assortment-backgrounds-baking-1174114 copy.jpg

1 / Donate to a drive

Visit one of the locations for our upcoming drives and donate a new and unused item from our list.

party-decorations copy.jpg

2 / Plan your own drive

We will help you plan your own drive by providing all needed information, plus we'll pick up your boxed up items for delivery.

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3/ We'll plan your drive

We've done this before so its a piece of cake. We will work with you to plan a drive and take care of the whole event.


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